The men often challenge the cops to a game, and the other day, they took them up on the offer.

Officers Randy Matteson and Kevin Smith are part of the Flint Police Department's Crime Area Target Team task force, also known as CATT. So, when resident David Thomas (who plays basketball almost every day) challenged them to a game, they accepted. It definitely helps that Smith is a former state basketball star.

“They were there probably a good 45 minutes, an hour, just playing basketball. They were pushing my kids on their bike, talking to them, just out there literally sweating, having a good time with the kids," resident Keisha Love told ABC 12.

This particular neighborhood is still recovering from the deaths of three children after a fire, as well as a high amount of crime. So, it was "important that my kids could see that side of it, that the cops are the good guys,” Love said.

Always a great day when the good news is from Flint!