This story makes me so angry, especially just off the heels of the Casey Anthony verdict. Flint Police are investigating the death of a two-year-old girl, who died on Sunday at Hurley Medical Center. WNEM reports that police are questioning the father, who is currently in the Genesee County jail.

Police also found five human bite marks on her body, which appears to be from an adult. Flint Township Police Chief, George Sippert, told WNEM that blunt force trauma to the girl's abdomen could have been the cause of death.

I honestly don't know how someone could hurt an innocent child, especially if it's a parent doing it to their own child. It's sickening to hear these types of cases because it's always the children who suffer in the end and don't get a chance. I say send dad to Jackson and see how his other inmates feel about him there. I'm sure there will be more details as the investigation continues.