Flint police have arrested 62 felons, who had a combined total of 129 warrants, according to The Flint Journal. A press conference was held yesterday morning to discuss the arrests, with Sheriff Pickell, Prosector David Leyton and Attorney General Bill Schuette all on hand to give the details.

This comes just after inmates were sent to other counties last Friday, which freed up roughly 98 beds in the Genesee County Jail. The warrants were for violent, weapon and drug offenses.

There has also been an extra 10 state troopers on the streets in Flint, which helped make these arrests a lot easier. Attorney General Bill Schuette shares his thoughts on the case:

'"There's too much fear in Flint. If you are living in fear a child can't learn, if you are living in fear, a community can't be vibrant. The fear must end.'"

Rod and I will be talking with Sheriff Pickell this morning so we’ll have more details and get his thoughts on the case.