Pastor Faith Green Timmons was not impressed, but she was polite.

We all knew that there'd be some kind of headline from Donald Trump's visit to Flint yesterday. None of his events were campaign stops, nor were they open to the public. There were some protesters, some middle fingers shown, but overall, it was pretty uneventful.

He first visited the Flint water plant, and then made his way to Bethel United Methodist Church, where he gave a speech. When he started to talk about Hillary Clinton, Pastor Faith (as she's known to parishioners) approached him and politely told him not to give a political speech.

Lots of controversy about it - was it rude? Should she have expected him to give a campaign speech? Or was she in the right? You can't deny that she was super nice about it. Personally, it was nice to see Donald Trump be submissive to somebody else for once. There's something to be said for being modest and humble. But, he is a candidate for President, and it's his job to campaign. What do you think?