"Let no child be forgotten."

Those powerful words and that heartbreaking image stop me dead in my tracks every year at this time.

We have the chance to make a difference tomorrow. It's easy...get details.

They have been helping Genesee County children from low income families since 1924, and tomorrow is one of their biggest fundraisers of the year.

Old Newsboys of Flint will be out taking donations at 75 different locations in Genesee County tomorrow for their annual newspaper sale. Those locations will include intersections and businesses in Davison, Fenton, Flint, Clio, Linden, Mt. Morris and Flushing.

Money collected will go towards the organization's Christmas Box Program. Each box is packed with gifts, a shirt, pants, gloves and other necessities.

Just $20 sponsors a child, and 770,000 children have received gifts from the Old Newsboys so far.

There is still time to sign up a child for this Christmas. Visit www.onbflint.org.

Please take a minute to hit the ATM if you can, and look for an Old Newsboys volunteer tomorrow. 'Let No Child Be Forgotten."