Corrine Baker, mother of four-year-old Dominick Calhoun who died in April of 2010, has pleaded guilty two charges tied to his murder. ABC-12 reports she pleaded guilty to second degree murder and second degree child abuse. Investigators felt Corrine didn't do enough to stop the abuse that Calhoun suffered.

She's supposed to spend 13-30 years in prison while her boyfriend at the time Brandon Hayes faces murder, torture and child abuse charges tied with his death. Police believe the abuse started when Dominick went to the bathroom on a couch in their apartment.

I had just moved here when this case was first reported and I was disgusted by the mother and her boyfriend. How can people do this to innocent children? The mother never did a thing about the abuse so I think she deserves the death penalty along with the boyfriend. Sure she pleaded guilty but she's too late since Dominick is gone. Does she even care?