Flint Mayor Dayne Walling was in the studio this morning getting ready to challenge me in another round of Battle of the Sexes. Before we had some fun, the mayor was kind enough to talk about the jail millage and ways they're trying to reduce crime in the city.  Last week, the jail millage didn't pass and Walling was a huge supporter of the bill and encouraged residents to vote yes to open the city jail. Walling said it's what the residents wanted and said it was good they supported the police services millage.

Reducing crime is something that is always on residents minds. Walling talked about a couple of grants they are applying for, which includes the cease fire initiative.

We also talked briefly about the city's future and Walling says the city is showing strong signs of an economic recovery.

On a side note, the mayor actually beat me in Battle of the Sexes. This was the first time he actually won in six months! We'll see what happens next month.