As crime continues to be a growing problem in Flint, Mayor Dayne Walling talked about some more positive changes coming that will help with the issue. Just last week, the Mott Foundation invested in the community policing program and Walling was very pleased:

"This will keep 12 current officers on duty. It will keep them out in our neighborhoods and there's more positive changes to come."

Walling went on to say they've been working with their 911 call center to come up with a way for providing a smarter response system. 911 will be offering new services next month, so expect to hear more details soon. In the meantime, Walling offers some other tips for the community:

"Continue to be watchful in your own neighborhood. This is a partnership between the community and police department. It's going to take everybody working together to tackle these challenges."

Of course if you ever want to leave an anonymous tip to report a crime, call the hot line at 810-237-6812. What questions do you have for the mayor? He'll be in the studio next month, so if you want him to address an issue, let us know.