In a grainy, low-quality video that is beginning to gather attention on the web, a Flint man claims he was arrested for 'Breach of Peace' while recording video of an undercover police officer.

In a phone interview with Cars 108, Adam Gerics said he was detained for three days after being arrested for Breach of Peace. He was told the charge stemmed from his use of profanity in front of a woman. The woman in his presence was his girlfriend. He maintains that he was arrested only because the officer didn't want to be recorded.

Gerics and Carriage Town Historic Neighborhood Association representative Tim Monahan, the other man in the video, have a long history of disputes over Gerics' property and right to grow medical marijuana. Gerics indicated that he grew concerned when he saw Monahan and the unidentified police officer walking near his property, and began recording video.

Supposedly a Breach of Peace ordinance grants officers the right to arrest individuals who do not disperse, or move along when asked to do so by law enforcement.

- George McIntyre
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