A Flint man was arrested this weekend after police noticed him walking funny and repeatedly "tugging at his pant leg and waistband."

In a news release, the Michigan State Police say troopers who were on patrol in the City of Flint observed a man who "appeared uncomfortable by the troopers' presence" and showing what appeared to be the grip of a firearm partially concealed by his clothing. When approached by the troopers, the 42-year-old man immediately turned in the opposite direction, dropped an AK-47 rifle and fled. After a short foot chase, the man was arrested and the assault rifle was recovered. The man has been lodged at the Flint City Jail on multiple felonies.

Wonder if troopers approached with the line "hey, is that a rifle in your pants, or are you glad to see us?" But seriously, the Michigan State Police have taken six guns off the streets in Flint in the past two days. Nice work!