The epidemic that is scrap and metal theft shows no signs of letting up in Flint anytime soon. If anything, it's getting worse.

One local landlord is documenting his struggles with the issue in a series of Youtube videos.

Flint landlord Aaron Dionne posts on Youtube under the name "TurnFlintAround". His videos document his constant struggle to maintain his properties under the increasing threat of scrap and metal theft. "It's almost a full time job, taking care of the scrap metal thieves," he says. "Sometimes you feel safe for a while, and let your guard down. and then it happens to one house, and then another, and then another." Mr. Dionne says that one of his properties was broken into three times in just 10 days.

Aaron Dionne says that even tough the problem of scrap theft seems to get worse by the week, he has no plans to give up on Flint. He's also not sure if new legislation can help with the ongoing problem.

You can view his videos on Youtube here.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI


Do you have a solution for Flint's struggles with scrap and metal theft, or it's many vacant and boarded up homes?