Hat's off to journalists Brett Callwood and Lee Devito for showing Flint a little love, as they ventured north from Detroit, and basked in some their neighbor's hospitality. The 'Metro Times' writers had the courage to look past the Vehicle City's always-exaggerated reputation, and absorb Flint with an open-mind.

'We Took a Day Trip to Flint' (Metro Times, June 17, 2014) spotlights many of our city's highlights that are frequently overlooked when Flint is depicted in a movie, on TV, or at the top of a list. Hoffman's Deli, Bar 501, and the Torch are all met with favorable reviews, and the pair had kind words for both the Flint Institute of Arts and the Flint Institute of Music.

The article is summarized with something most of us already know: "There's no way of knowing Flint without going to Flint. Well said, gentlemen.

- George McIntyre
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