Last week, we found out that Flint firefighters were going to be suspended with pay while authorities conducted an investigation to see how they missed a woman's body. Last month, firefighters put out a fire and 12 hours later, a neighbor discovered Luverne Wilson's body. 

Officials decided to look into the matter and originally the firefighters would be suspended with pay. During the investigation, they determined the firefighters made a mistake when it came to searching the house a second time.

Director of Public Safety, Alvern Lock, had this to say in a recent press release:

"Due primarily to the failure of the suppression team leadership to conduct a second search of the home after the fire was suppressed and conditions inside the structure safe, I levied a 28-day unpaid suspension for four individuals determined to be responsible for failing to conduct the second search. This is the maximum amount of discipline allowable under the firefighters' labor contract, short of termination."

Lock went on to say the city made a mistake when it came to conducting the second search. Do you think this was fair? Do you think the firefighters should have gotten a longer suspension? Or, do you think they should have been fired?