"...there's lots of things that aren't totally normal in her life, but we try to make everything as normal as we can. But, this is just, you know, it's almost above normal."

Rachel Stewart is, undoubtedly, the biggest fan of our very own Flint Firebirds. She gets to every single game early and stays late. And her favorite player is Alex Peters. Her mom says that there's no special reason, she just "picked him."

And Alex has returned the favor. He's signed her jersey, gave her a custom stick and...ready for this? He recently CALLED HER ON THE PHONE to check on her after she broke her elbow.

And, on her birthday, Alex and his teammate  Ryan Moore showed up to surprise her. *tear*

Moore told ABC 12, "Thanks for always being there for us. You're our number one fan and we look forward to seeing you on the glass."