Apologies in advance if you are a Flint Craigslist user and you are actually capable of completing a transaction smoothly. You are the exception.

Frustration seems to be the norm when I post something on the site.

I have a TV for sale. All the details are spelled out in the add, explaining that it's about five years old and in working order, except there are four dead pixels on the screen. The first caller asked, "What's wrong with it?"

I included a map in my listing. Yesterday someone called to ask where I'm located. Twice.

One caller asked if I'd like to trade it for a 17" TV/DVD combo unit. Let's see, trade a 56" TV for 17" TV...

A few months ago when I listed a perfectly good used BlackBerry, someone asked me if I wanted to trade it for a Nokia flip phone. Sounds like a deal.

And if the price listed is $250, don't offer me $100. (I didn't say, "Or best offer") Maybe I should have started at $800, and let someone negotiate the price down to $250?

BTW if you think this article is just a way of promoting my ad, and hopefully finding a buyer,  you're probably right. Take a look! Email me with any (non-ridiculous) questions at the link below.

- George McIntyre
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