A brutal crime was caught on camera and now police need your help identifying the attackers.

Police have just released this security video. It happened Friday, Sept. 6 at Kenneth Simmons Square in Flint. Police say the 23-year-old victim has cerebral palsy and was in the hospital for days , at times in serious condition. He is OK now.

The video may be hard to watch as it does show the attack. The attack starts with one blow to the man's face and too many others to count in the minutes that followed. Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Bill Jennings said it appears two men do the damage, punching, kicking, even using a bottle to attack the victim, while a third person stands by watching.

Once again the video below is unedited and does show the attack. Call Jennings at 810-237-6911 or Crime Stoppers at 800-422-5245 (JAIL) if you recognize the people in the video.