Thousands upon thousands of people flock to Flint every year to experience "Back To The Bricks," and this year promises to be the biggest yet! Unlike the sweltering weather we have had in years past, the forecast for the car show on Saturday is calling for Partly Cloudy Skies and temps in the low 70s. For tourists that have never been to Flint, we have come up with five things that you have to do while in Vehicle City!

  • Enjoy Some Halo Burger

    A Flint Original since 1923, Halo QPs have been delighting Flint folk for almost a century! A definite must-try for you out-of-towners.

    Halo Burger
  • See the New Weather Ball

    More than a just piece of the Flint skyline, the Weather Ball (recently redesigned from the Citizens Bank version pictured below to the First Merit weather ball) has been forecasting since 1956. There is nothing better than being able to know what the weather will do just by looking at a blinking colorful ball. Learn the poem here.

    Michigan Municipal League, Flickr Creative Commons
  • Enjoy a Flint-Style Coney Dog

    With their factories located right here in Flint, a Koegel's Vienna with Abbott's Meats Coney Sauce is the only way to enjoy a true Flint-Style Coney. Many former Michiganders will stock up on both while re-visiting the state. Did you know that A&W Restaurants only "serve the curve?"

    Stevendeplo, Flickr Creative Commons
  • Find Out What's On the Hammerburg Rock

    My dad told me that the rock that's constantly being painted at Hammerburg and I-69 actually started out the size of a brick. All the layers of paint have caused it to grow to the size of a small bus. You never know what it will read from day to day -- the well-known, and unlikely, landmark has famously carried everything from memorial messages to birthday wishes over the years.

    Clarencecromwell, Flickr Creative Commons
  • Visit FWC Berston Field House

    Say hello to Jason Crutchfield, and check out his training facility. It was here that Claressa Shields went when she was 11-years-old and wanted to be coached. Today, Flint is proud of our hometown Olympic Gold Medalist!