Mud Factor is coming this Saturday. The Cars 108 "Wave" kicks off at 10am. If you've signed up and are preparing yourself to get in the mud, here are five things NOT to do.

1. Don't wear shoes that will come off in the mud. Try and wear shoes that you can keep on your feet. Duct tape them if necessary, but losing them could really slow you down.

2. Don't wear white clothes unless you bought a lot of stock in Tide laundry detergent

3. Don't get behind someone running through the mud. Step off to the side and let them move away from you. there is plenty of mud to go around, you don't need someone else's leftovers.

4. Don't try and keep up with the pack. Set your own pace and stay with it. The object is to finish the race, not win it!

5. Don't try and go it alone. This is a race where a partner can really help with some of the obstacles.

Follow these five rules and the Mud Factor will be the most fun that you've had in a very long time!