Over last couple of days as I walked around the office I saw some archaic devices being used that made me laugh. I also thought, 'my kids will never use anything like this.' Think about it, technology has been moving so fast and is taking away items that some of us grew up with. Here are five things that I think future generations will no longer use or need.

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    The Phonebook/Yellowpages

    Remember back in the day when you wanted to find somebodies phone number or call for a car repair you had to pull out this huge yellow book and flip through it to find what you were looking for?

    Now all you have to do is grab your phone and search for it on the web or if your phone is advanced you can just say, 'Find me a pizza place,' and you phone will use GPS to find the nearest location for you.

    Future generations won't have to burden themselves with paper cuts or spend minutes to find something when they can just ask their phones or look it up on the Internet.

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    Pay Phones

    While some pay phones still exist; they are few and far between. I was actually at a convenience store a few weeks ago and a customer came in asking where the pay phone was, that's hard to believe with as many cell phones that are owned nowadays.

    Future generations are getting cell phones at a younger age more and more. The convenience and safety they provide for a parent is worth spending a couple extra bucks to make sure you know where your kids are.

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    35mm Film Camera

    I'm sure there are people out there that still use a film camera and there are still a few places that will develop the film. With the existence of digital cameras there really is no need for film anymore. Businesses don't have to keep toxic chemicals on hand to develop film and you can instantly see and share your photos with family and friends via the Internet or your cell phone.

    I bet if we showed younger kids some negatives they would have no idea what you are showing them.

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    Why are we still killing trees to produce a newspaper? I understand that people want to be able to pick up a newspaper and skim the articles until they find something worth reading.

    With the Internet and smartphones, news is just one click or touch away and we won't kill a tree to read that news. Plus, you no longer have to fumble around with a bulky stack of papers, just search and click.

    We have already seen a fall in local newspaper production recently, as well as national newspapers laying off of their 'hardcopies.'

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    Cash Money

    This one may seem a bit far fetched; but if you think about it we are so accustomed to using our debit/credit cars for everything. Even paying for student lunches is going high tech.

    In some areas parents are able to pay for their kids lunches via the Internet, while other areas actually have a credit card type payment system.

    This isn't all bad if you think about it, some of our currency costs more to make than it's worth; take the penny -- it costs two cents to produce one cent -- ridiculous!

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