Contributed by Danielle Campbell | Hurley Health and Fitness

There are many reasons to exercise; cardiovascular health, weight control, and diabetes management, but many people struggle with finding time in their busy schedules to exercise as frequently as they would like. Though cardiovascular exercise is essential to maintain optimal health, there are many exercises that do not require a substantial amount of time or even any equipment to perform. Try these 5 simple exercises during your workday to work towards better health.

  • ABCs of the Hands and Feet

    Lift your legs off of the floor and your arms off of your desk. Draw the ABC’s slowly with your hands and feet. For a bit of variety – try lowercase letters or numbers.

  • Stretch for Circulation

    Stretch your arms and legs a couple of minutes each hour to improve circulation.

  • Make a Trip Around the Office

    Instead of sending an email or making a phone call, walk over to your co-worker’s workstation to deliver messages. Wear a pedometer to track how many extra steps you take a day.

  • Practice Sitting and Standing

    Standing in front of a chair, squat backwards imitating a sitting down posture without ever landing in the seat. Hold for 5 seconds and stand up. Repeat.

  • Take Your Arms Around the World and Back

    Holding your arms out to your sides, rotate your arms in clockwise circles. Begin with small circles and gradually increase to large. Try counterclockwise as well. Time yourself, and mark your progress.