This story sounds like something you would have read back in 1965 about a six-year-old suspended because of long hair and an earring. The school says rules are rules, even if the little boy is growing his hair for a good cause and the fact that he is only six-years-old. Get the rest of the story after the jump.

Gareth attends school in the Blanco Independent School District where he was placed into in-school suspension during the first week. He is accused of violating the school dress code by sporting a diamond earring and wearing his hair too long.

Gareth is growing his hair long so he can donate it to Locks of Love in a few months. He's worn the earring for five years with no problems. The district's parent-student handbook says boys can't wear earrings. It also requires they have their hair neat, clean and well-groomed.

Do you think they should give the kid a pass because he's growing his hair for Locks of Love?