Over the weekend, I picked up some newly-legal high flying fireworks for the holiday.  Being the pyromaniac that I am, I couldn't wait until Wednesday, so we set off a few Sunday Night.  I had also planned to light just a couple last night. That was the plan anyway.

My friend came out with her son and parents to see the spectacular.  After launching what I thought would be the last one for the night, she came over and told me that her father's brother had passed away earlier in the day.  She thanked me for cheering him up, if only for a few minutes.  Knowing how much joy I had brought to this NFL Hall of Famer, I went inside to get a few more rockets.

We set off a second round of fireworks as more and more of the neighbors popped up to watch.  At the end of that next wave, my son told me his friends were on their way down the street.  Looking at the faces of everyone, I couldn't stop myself from lighting off every last one.

I am out of fireworks, and really can't afford to restock, but it was worth it to provide the neighborhood with a pretty impressive light show!