How do you get revenge on your boss if you've been fired? Well if you are a ghost writer for someone's Twitter account, you continue to use that account to totally rip that person apart. One boss had three people as ghost writers for his Twitter account and the one he fired was still able to log into the account and talk about what a cheap guy he was and the fact that he doesn't even know how to spell social media.

Media Bistro posted all the Twitter messages the ex-employee wrote and they are hilarious so you'll have to check them out. In one of them he tweets that he's been a ghost writer for his boss for four years and goes on to say he's cheap and not so nice. He also posted that his former boss didn't know how to spell social media, much less know what it means.

Good thinking on the former employees part about getting on the account to let everyone know how terrible this boss really is. Have you ever wanted to get revenge on a former boss?