A Fenton man has been hospitalized after fire destroyed two homes in Fenton Township Wednesday (10/12) morning.

The fire started at a home on Eastview Drive near Torrey Beach drive, and quickly spread to a neighboring home. The original home is reported to be one of the area's first homes to be built in the area.

Fire chief Ryan Volz expressed concern about the proximity of homes in the area.

"Our main factor- all of these houses out here are too close together," Volz tells ABC-12. "I think it's time that we start reviewing actually how close these houses are together. It's an issue for us. It's a safety issue for my firefighters. It's a safety issue for our adjoining firefighters that come and help us."

No one was home at the second home at the time the fire broke out, but several oxygen tanks were inside the home. Some of the tanks exploded as firefighters battled the blaze.