It sounds almost too ridiculous to be real. Unfortunately, a Fenton area family says it is real for them. Here's what happened.They believe thieves used obituary information to rob their homes. Two of their homes, in Livingston County and some 15 miles apart, were hit Valentine's Day. They say they were robbed, while they were away, during the first visitation day for their loved one. This happened to Elaine Kinsman and her Daughter Marissa West.

Elaine Kinsman's husband Doug Kingsman passed away last week.
When she returned to their Tyrone Township home after his first day of visitation the house had been broken into. Some 15 miles away in Hartland, her daughter Marissa West was experiencing the same thing. Her home had been robbed, too.

The Kinsman family urges you to just think about what you're providing and to maybe not share as much information if possible. Rest of the story below.

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