A female deputy in Saginaw County who filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination due to her height has received a settlement of $215,000.

WNEM reports that the county has agreed to pay the woman who says she was denied full-time employment due to her being 4'7" and 95-pounds. The woman had been a part-time sheriff's deputy since 2010 and was being considered for a full-time deputy's job in 2011. She says she was not only discriminated against because of her height, but also her sex.

WNEM says that Saginaw County agreed to pay her $215,000 now rather than paying more later had they lost the case. The settlement doesn't admit bias to the woman.

What are your thoughts on this? With the demands of the job, is it hard to envision a man or a woman of that size being a police officer? Was Saginaw County right in settling? Was the woman right to sue? Let us know what you think in the comments.