Heath White did everything he could to try to convince his wife to have an abortion when the couple found out that their daughter would have Down syndrome. Jennifer refused. It took White several months to accept his daughter, and when acceptance finally turned to love, he began writing a heartfelt letter of apology to his precious little girl, Paisley.

"Learning you're going to have a child with Down's is like experiencing a death," he writes. "Like I was getting a broken baby."

Heath was a changed man, and began running marathons pushing his daughter in her stroller. He told ESPN he hoped showing Paisley to the world, and showing how proud he was of her would help other families avoid making the mistake he almost made.

I almost didn't watch the video below when I saw that it was 14 minutes long, but I'm so glad I did! Take a look, and feel free to share with friends and family who have been touched by special needs children.

- George McIntyre
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