This past weekend, my family and I traveled to Lake Orion to the Lion's Club Jubilee to take on the ride of all rides... The Loop-O-Planes!

As I posted last week, I was five years old when my Nannu (Maltese for Grandpa) first introduced me to this carnival thrill ride.  I became immediately hooked.

As years went on, the Loop-O-Planes began to disappear from most midways replaced by much bigger, taller rides.  Yet, I find the smaller, smoother, seemingly faster version that I grew up with is much more appealing. So we did it!  My son joined me for the ride of his life.  He was a little scared at the very end of the ride, but completely fine by the time it stopped.  My wife asked if he wanted to ride again, and Ben responded "Next year, when I'm bigger!"

As the ride operator gave Ben his ticket back as a souvenir, I felt Nannu smiling down on us!  It was a fun experience and I'd like to again thank Sonja Skerbeck and the entire crew at Skerbeck Bros. for memories that will last a lifetime!  Now, days after our day on the midway, Ben wants to tackle the Loop-O-Planes again!

Check out the video from my last post here!