It was 1987. I remember seeing it at a movie theater in Ann Arbor. The movie was 'Fatal Attraction' starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas. She was a woman obsessed with a man she had a one-night stand with. It's a movie that through the years has grossed more than  $320 million . If you've seen it then you certainly remember the final scene where Glenn Close was presumed to be dead from drowning in the bathtub, only to come up for the water one more time before being shot by Douglas' wife. But did you know there was an alternate ending?

The original ending for the movie had Close committing suicide and framing Michael Douglas as the killer. After a few audience screenings, it was decided to bring the cast back months later and re-cut the ending to the one we are familiar with.

Lyne who directed the movie, told the LA Times. "I could feel the film go flat. And the audience was so with the movie until that point, that it felt dramatically unsatisfying at the end. So we decided to make a change, only and purely for dramatic reasons."

Here is your chance, belatedly, to see the original ending and decide for yourself which one was better.