We inadvertently started a family tradition several years ago when we stayed in a hotel room New Year's Ever before boarding a cruise ship, and we've booked a hotel room on New Year's Eve ever since. Even if it's just down the road, giving the kids the chance to go swimming when there's snow on the ground at home is exciting!

This was the first year since my parents moved to Florida that they came to visit over Thanksgiving instead of Christmas, because my mom hates snow. (Ironically, we had more snow around Thanksgiving this year!) We decided to meet for the new year in Atlanta, which is almost halfway for both of us.

Yes, we were in the car almost as long as we were in Atlanta, but it was worth it! I know that I'm very lucky to have the family that I do, and I don't take it for granted. Five minutes with my parents would have been worth a trip around the world!

While we were enjoying our stay, my kids decided to pick a fight with me... a pillow fight. So what did I do? I brought out the big guns and used couch cushions to destroy my children because, well, it wasn't my couch!

Do you have any fun family traditions that revolve around the new year? Might I put in a strong recommendation for a family pillow fight?