Years and years ago, my Aunt Mary told me that grown-ups usually don't going on certain carnival rides once their earwax has hardened.  I guess it has something to to with your equilibrium.  Over the weekend, we spent a day at the Oakland County 4-H Fair.  My niece, Rachel, insisted that I go because she knows that I love the big rides, and she wanted to ride with me.

After a few spins, flips and swings, she was worn out.  I was on my own without a riding partner.  As bummed out as I was, I realize that I am very lucky to have a sister whose earwax hasn't hardened.

Last summer, I shared a story about my favorite carnival ride, the Loop-O-Planes.  A few weeks ago, Sonja Skerbeck and the gang at Skerbeck Brothers Shows gave my sister and I V.I.P. treatment on the Loop-O-Planes.  Check out the video of what the Loop-O-Planes look from outside the ride, then go inside the ride with my sister and I in the second video.

I warn you, you may get dizzy if your earwax has hardened!