The family of a special education student is, for the second time, suing the Goodrich School District over an incident that happened in 2013.

Teacher Nicole McVey filmed an autistic 10-year-old boy who had gotten himself stuck in a chair. She and Oaktree Elementary principal Michael Ellis (who has since resigned) can be heard on the video, mocking the little boy instead of helping him. McVey then emailed the video to coworkers, who forwarded it to school administrators. She was handed a one-year unpaid suspension.

The family of the boy sued the district, the principal, the teacher and paraprofessional Terri Oliver back in 2014 for $25,000. They voluntarily dropped the lawsuit, but re-filed in federal court on Friday, stating that the district violated his civil rights, as well as an anti-bullying law.

So, the principal resigned, and the teacher was suspended without pay for a year. Do you think another lawsuit is the answer? Are they justified? I'm a parent of a child on the spectrum, so I'm on the fence about this.