A few weeks ago, my son, Ben, and I had planned a trip to visit with my grandmother.  She moved in with my aunt and uncle just outside of Washington D.C. about ten years ago, making it much more difficult to spend time with her.

Just days before our departure, our plans fell through and the trip was off.  My son and I had both been really looking forward to a road trip with each other.  A last minute change of plans landed us in Mackinaw Village.

I say Mackinaw Village because after countless visits and years of calling it Mackinaw City, upon our arrival this time I was floored to discover that it was not a city at all.  I laughed out loud overwhelmed with confusion as I read "Mackinaw City - Village Limits."  Ben and I vowed to call it  Mackinaw Village from that day forward.

As if the city/village thing isn't confusing enough, you've also got Mackinac and Mackinaw.  We learned that no matter how you spell it, its always pronounced Mackinaw.  As far as spelling, you've got the Mackinac Bridge, Straights of Mackinac, Mackinac Island, and Fort Michilmackinac.  Aside from mackinaw, a thick wool coat or cloth, the city (village) is the only case of the "aw" spelling.  Blame the British and the French for the confusion, and get more on that here.  If you really feel the urge to "ack,"  you can call the bridge by it's nickname, "Big Mac."  Used in a sentence, "We had a great view of Big Mac from our hotel room."

Our hotel was on Huron Street right on the lake next to one of the Mackinac Island ferry docks.  We had the opportunity to spend quality time with each other and enjoy our surroundings.  We turned off the work and school switch, and cranked the fun dial up all the way.  We were able to bond with one another as we enjoyed the majestic autumn landscape.  We all know that fall is amazing in Mid-Michigan, but even more so in the Mackinac area.  In fact, as we drove north on I-75 the trees looked like they were changing colors right before our eyes.

Over the next few days I will share more from our amazing father/son getaway.  I'll tell you about our adventures at Castle Rock and Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, our travels across and around the Mackinac Bridge, and the fun we had with our all-access passes to three of the water parks in Mackinaw Village.