For the first time in several years, I had the pleasure of enjoying a family trip to the apple orchard and cider mill this past week.  I had almost forgotten how the taste buds dance to the  taste of a freshly-made, still warm cinnamon donut with freshly milled cider on the side.

After Ben's trip to Mackinac Village a few weeks ago, I wanted to take my other two kids on a special trip.  Hayli, Parker and I met up with my sister, Nikki, and niece, Phoenix, for a day at the apple orchard while Ben was in school. 

I remember taking an annual family trip to the cider mill when I was growing up.  The neat thing about the apple orchards, cider mills and pumpkin patches in Mid-Michigan is that they haven't changed much over the years.

Parker, my youngest who just turned two, was just slightly taller than some of the pumpkins we saw.  Hayli, my four-year-old, had a blast as she frolicked about.  And, yes, she actually frolics!  She also enjoyed a game of hide-and-seek.

It was also neat to see the cousins playing together, much like my sister and I did with our cousins at the cider mill.  It was amazing to experience such a simple day out through their eyes.  It's very cool to think that these are the memories they will look back on when they are my age.

I looked at my sister with her daughter and myself with my kids.  It occurred to me that we are in our parents spot, doing what they did.  I love my family and was proud to keep one of our family traditions going.  As I sat with my kids eating an amazing, mouth-watering donut, it hit me... we are getting old!