Facebook is developing a 'Sympathize' button, because -- you know -- sometimes a 'Like' feels inappropriate.

We've all been there. Your cousin Kim's son's bus driver's neighbor's dog died. Your friend Ashley is going through a tough time. Again. You want to be supportive (or at the very least appear to be supportive), but hitting the 'Like' button just doesn't feel right.

The idea for the new button emerged at a 'hackathon' event in which Facebook engineers brainstormed new features. Past hackathons have produced features such as the Timeline, and even the Like button. Speaking of timelines, no date has been given for when we should expect to see the new feature.

It's no 'Dislike' button, but we'll take it.

Facebook software engineer Dan Muriello tells The Telegraph the new feature won't work with every post. Updates will need to have negative emotions tied to them. So for instance if you change your relationship status to 'Married', cheeky friends won't be able to lend their sympathies.

- George McIntyre
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