A topic that is currently circulating among Facebook users in Genesee County warns drivers to never get out of a vehicle when stopped by another motorist. Sure, it’s common sense, but it’s a reminder we should all take note of, and share with our families.

Bancroft resident Renate Loomis recounted her friend’s experience while driving on M-21 (Corunna Rd.) recently. A motorist flagged her down, and indicated her license plate was missing. Luckily, the woman did not step out of her vehicle, and realized the potential danger she had been in when she stopped at a gas station and saw that nothing was wrong.

Many comments have followed, indicating that others in our area have encountered similar situations.

Bottom line: Be aware of anyone who might be out to take advantage of you, and remember that you could be making yourself vulnerable by stepping out of your vehicle at a stranger’s request. We think it’s a good idea to share this with family and friends too.

- George McIntyre
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