Here you go, the application you've been waiting for has finally arrived. I would imagine most of the time Facebook is the only contact you have with the majority of your friends anyway so this would be perfect. Now they will all know when you die. Sorry, just being a little sarcastic.

It is kind of a unique App, take a look after the jump.

Facebook has the App and it's called 'If I Die'. The App allows you to post farewell messages and videos on your Facebook wall after you pass away. You craft your goodbyes, load them into the app, and then designate three of your friends as 'trustees,' who will confirm your death.

After it's confirmed, your farewells get posted, and all your virtual friends can mourn you and 'like' your final words. Unfortunately, the video for the app doesn't know what tone to take. Their still working on that.

Check out the video for a closer look.