Americans spend big money on their pets and costumes and grooming for dogs represents a lot of those dollars.

Is it any wonder then that extreme dog grooming is becoming a big business?

Can you imagine taking your family pet in for a cut and style and walking out with Elvis, Elmo from "Sesame Street" or a unicorn?

For those that won't settle for an ordinary grooming there are feather extensions, glued on jewels, or temporary paint tattoos.

"Extreme groomers" spend months on a dog's transformation. Fur is braided or extended, paint is applied, and the dog's coat grows and is sculpted. Canines become super heroes, flowers, tigers, lions and other crazy and whimsical characters.

That are all sorts of "extreme grooming" contests popping up all over the world and dog owners have the potential of winning some significant prize money. Veterinarians warn that this a largely unregulated industry and does come with some potential risks to the dogs. Supporters of this trend say that the dogs love all of the extra attention.

I prefer my dogs just the way they are, but tell me what you think. Do you think "extreme grooming" is fun for the dogs?

See what "extreme grooming" is all about in the video below.

See more over the top examples of extreme dog grooming in the video below.