February 29th:  It happens every four years, in years that are evenly divisible by four, but not in years that are divisible by 100, unless that year can be evenly divided by 400.

Did you get all that? The video should make it clear.

Do you know what babies born on February 29th are called? Can you guess what popular TV character's birthday is February 29th?

'Leaplings' or simply 'leap year babies.' And Cam (Cameron Tucker) from 'Modern Family' is a leapling!

On a serious note, we at Cars 108 remember a terrible tragedy from February 29, 2000. Please take a moment to remember Kayla Rolland, a first grader who was fatally shot at Buell Elementary School, in the Beecher School District, on February 29th, twelve years ago. RIP, Kayla.