Pilots were complaining about what they thought was a green laser pointer being shined into their cockpits as they landed at Mason County Airport. It made local news November 4th, and a Michigan resident who lived near the airport was paying attention.

But it wasn't until Monday (November 9) when plane flew directly through the beam and circled around to try to pinpoint the source that the anonymous woman started to put the pieces of this puzzle together. She heard the plane alter course around 7:50pm, and began to wonder if her Christmas display was what the pilots were seeing. Just as she figured it out, two police officers pulled into her driveway.

According to Mason County Sheriff Kim C. Cole, "She was illuminating a Christmas display on a barn with a projector -- sort of like a laser-light type display," Cole went on to say that the woman apologized and that "It was an innocent mistake. There was no malicious intent at all."