The famous legal clerk, portrayed by Julia Roberts in the film Erin Brockovich, has started the conversation about the water problems in Flint on her Facebook page.

Brockovich, who is now an environmental activist and heads up her own consulting firm, commented on the water situation in Flint yesterday on her Facebook page, which reaches more than 160,000 people. She said that the city is making excuses, and that 'everyone is responsible from the top down.'

I don't live in Flint, but I have a bunch of friends and coworkers that do. One of my coworkers here at the radio station showed me a picture of her tap water (it was almost an electric blue color), and told me that her daughter has a rash from it. A couple that I know is planing on moving from Flint to Burton or Grand Blanc because of the water.

On the other hand, I have a friend who works at the water plant and is on the defensive about the water situation. Do you live in Flint? What's your water like? Do you think there's a problem? Click HERE to head over to Erin's Facebook page to read her post and the hundreds of comments about Flint's water.