For the first time in 50 years the Flint River will be Flint's water source.

prahin photo

For nearly 50 years, the city of Flint has depended on water from the Detroit water system.Now the Flint River will change all of that. The water plant started drawing in water from the Flint River yesterday. They just opened a valve.

Several days of testing are planned at the treatment plant before water can be sent to Flint homes and businesses. That process includes monitoring by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

That ends a relationship that dates back to nearly 50 years. Flint expects to keep the treatment plant running until the Karegnondi Pipeline from Lake Huron is completed. That project could take up to three years.

A better product is promised. Cost and quality of Flint River water has always been the biggest concerns among business owners and residents. More information in the videos below.