Three year-old Emily did something extraordinary for children with cancer. Her only condition was that her doll had to do it too.

Meet Emily here.

Long, thick brown hair and big brown say that three year-old Emily is adorable would be an understatement. But it's what she wanted to donate to children with cancer that really makes her a stand out.

Her mom and dad started the ball rolling as they showed her pictures of children who had lost their hair because of cancer. Then they looked at pictures of wigs for those children, and finally they all looked at shorter hair styles for little girls. Emily caught right on when she said "just cut some off and give it to a kid." Her only condition was that her beloved Rapunzel doll, Dolly would have to copycat her new style.

Emily's proud mom did a great blog piece about her young daughter's compassionate donation...CLICK HERE TO READ.

On the outside, and inside, Emily is a beautiful little girl. Meet her in the video below.