I'm telling you right now - I call FAKE!

Marina Shifrin has had her 15 minutes of fame this week, as her perfectly-executed 'I Quit' video went viral, racking up over 13 million views on YouTube. Now it looks like her hand has been trumped, as her former employer has responded with its own video (below), acknowledging Shifrin's departure, and telling the world they're hiring. This one is also getting the Internet's attention.

Anybody else think this whole thing was all set up in advance, as a way of getting a bunch of free publicity? Please. They set it up. She didn't quit via video, her employer produced this little gem, and she was the star. Their 'response' is the sequel.

Remember the marriage proposal at the New Britain, Connecticut minor league baseball game that went horribly wrong? It turned out to be a fake, designed to bring free press to the team.

Mark my words, evidence will surface in the next weeks or months that proves Next Media Animation masterminded the whole thing.

We shall see.

- George McIntyre
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