Kim Mathers, the ex-wife of rapper Marshall Mathers, says the DUI and single-car accident she was in last fall was a suicide attempt. Mathers, who was married to Eminem from 1999 to 2001 and then again for a few months in 2006, called a radio show in Detroit Thursday morning (5/5), in an attempt to set the record straight about the incident.

Mathers said she has struggled with her family always being in the public eye, and says that many have claimed that she received special treatment after the DUI and accident. She says the court records which were previously sealed have been unsealed in an attempt to clear her name.

"After I realized how much drama it was causing, I willingly unsealed the files so everybody could know my personal business yet again."

After a tumultuous battle with drug use, Mathers claims she was clean for ten years, but then once again struggled with depression after the death of her sister. In October, she drove into a utility pole in Macomb County, but says the incident was no accident.

"I sat at the end of road I knew no one else but myself would get hurt," she said. "Yes I drank. I took pills and I hit the gas and aimed for the pole."