Some people look for any reason to stay home from work, and some people go to work no matter what kind of excuse they could have. A lot of stories have come out of Hurricane Sandy, but this one really tests our perseverance in the face of disaster.

Hurricane Sandy put the the neighborhood of Marsha Hedgepeth underwater, but she knew she had to get to work at the hospital to help those in need. So, what to do?  Hedgepeth is a technician in the emergency room and the only way she could get to the hospital was to swim.

"I dove into water, and I couldn't see the steps I was walking down because they were covered in water," she said. "So I said the easiest way to get there is just swim until I reach the ground."

Emergency workers saw her plight and gave her assistance in getting to the hospital to help.

"'Can’t' isn't in my vocabulary, so I knew I was going to make it," Hedgepeth said of the first leg of her unusual commute.

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