Elton John's musical performances with Leon Russell on "Saturday Night Live" certainly eclipsed most of the comedy.  The one exception was Elton's monologue, which was smart and rife with self-deprecating humor.  "Just a few months ago, my partner David and I became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy."  After the applause, Elton went on to say, "Thank you, and as you can see, I still haven't lost the baby weight!"  When he spoke of his son's feeding difficulties, Elton said, "He is rejecting the breast.  And in that way, he takes after both of his fathers!"

The video below wasn't part of Saturday's show.  After the closing credits, Elton treated the cast and crew to a performance of the 1974 hit, "The Bitch Is Back".  You can see more of the show, including the musical performances, John's monologue, and some not-necessarily-funny comedy skits here.