Over my seventeen year career in broadcasting, I have met a lot of famous people.  But if I was asked what celebrity I would most like to have lunch with it would have to be Ellen DeGeneres, with Betty White coming in at a very close second.

Ellen has one of the funniest comedic deliveries I have ever seen, and she truly loves everyone and everything.  Watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show, her delightful personality and family-friendly sense of humor is a joy for people of all ages.

She is one of those rare celebrities that the average person can relate to because she is so down to earth and genuine.  In fact, she is looking to make the dreams of her viewers come true.  She has asked her fans to submit their dreams via her website.

I got to thinking about it, and that's a tough choice.  I have so many dreams, goals and aspirations, it would be hard to narrow it down to just one.

Based on my article on it's 35th anniversary (click here), it's no secret that I am a huge fan of "Family Feud." Actually, some call it more of an obsession.  All my life, I have wanted to host this iconic game show.  I actually built a six-foot tall 'Feud' board that lit up and the answers actually flipped over.  We played the 'Feud' at our company Christmas party, the local karaoke bar, and even at our wedding!  I know Ellen loves the "Family Feud," and I know the 'Feud' loves Ellen.  Check out the videos below to see a 'Feud' question that featured Ellen, and also Ellen playing the 'Feud' with current host,  Steve Harvey.

Following in the footsteps of amazing people like Don LaFontaine and Gene Wood, who I featured in an article last week (click here), I would really love to be an announcer.  Be it Ellen's announcer, a cartoon voice, a game show announcer, or a TV or radio station voice, this line of work is in my blood.  It's just hard to find this kind of work without an agent.  And, it would be hard to leave our families in Flint to venture out to a bigger city.  I think that's where I would need to be to do this sort of thing.

I would also really like to move my family into a house.  But, with horrible credit and a bank account that's generally in the negative, that seems like an unachievable dream at this point.  As nice as it would be, I'm not looking to have someone buy us a house, we just need a co-signer to get an affordable mortgage payment.

For us living in the Flint area, the recession has really hurt our local economy.  Many of us, myself included, are struggling to make ends meet.  It's tough living paycheck to paycheck to support our three young kids.  In fact, I have to work two jobs and still we're just barely getting by.  I even had a third job until a handful of us were laid off a month or so ago.

Sometimes it feels like all we can do is dream.  Even though I'll probably never host "Family Feud," be a TV announcer or get my family into a nice house, it is nice to be able to dream about such things.  Maybe I'll have Ellen take on my wife in a game of "Family Feud" where I get to be the host and the announcer!  If my wife wins, Ellen has to co-sign on a house for us.  If Ellen wins, I'll be her announcer!

So, here's to you Ellen DeGeneres!  You are able to make us smile and laugh despite what's going on around us.  With so much chaos, heartache, disappointment and sadness in the world, you truly and sincerely light us up with your positive energy and attitude.  You remind us that there is still something somewhere to laugh about, and for that we thank you!

Watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show weekdays at 4:00pm on NBC 25.  You never know, you just might see me hosting one of Ellen's games for her!  So what is your dream that you would like to see come true?