A Detroit-area student showed up at school with a backpack full of cash Monday, and was handing the money out to some of her friends. The backpack contained $20,000, in bills as large as $100.

The 12-year-old girl attends the Sixth Grade Academy building in Taylor, and was passing out various amounts - sometimes as much as $500 - to classmates.

Assistant Superintendent Teresa D. Winnie released a statement:

"The situation that took place at the Sixth Grade Academy Building was truly an unusual one. We do not have a specific protocol for this type of situation. There was no threat to the student body in the building and the matter is currently in the hands of the Taylor Police Department."

Why didn't classmates pass out money like this when I was a kid?? Oh wait, I know. BECAUSE NONE OF MY FRIENDS' PARENTS WERE DRUG DEALERS, THAT'S WHY!

- George McIntyre
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