We right-handers don't realize just what a pain in the junk it is to be left-handed in our society. Just about everything anyone makes is designed for a right-handed user. Here are eight annoying things about being a leftie, from Buzzfeed.com.

1. It's hard to use ballpoint pens. Because we write left to right, a left-hander has to PUSH a ballpoint pen across the page. So the tip of the pen digs into the paper. In the Arab countries, it's the right-handers who suffer.

2. You get ink all over your hand. Again, the left-to-right thing. Right-handers can keep their hand out of the way of what they're writing. But lefties have to drag their hands right over the fresh ink on the page, and they get ink all over the side of their hand.

3. The cup holder in your car is on the right. Driving isn't a big deal, because you hold the wheel with both hands. But shifting and the ignition are on the right. And you have to handle your drinks with your right hand, because the cup holder is in the center console.

4. Lefties die sooner. That's what studies show. A lot of that is due to industrial and driving accidents. So basically, lefties are dying young because machines are designed for right-handers.

5. Measuring cups show you the metric side. When you pick up a measuring cup by the handle, a right-hander gets to see the standard measurements. A leftie has to translate the metric measurements, or twist the thing all the way around.

6. Can openers can only be operated by the right hand. Although, what's so hard about twisting a handle with your wrong hand? But apparently this bugs the crap out of lefties.

7. Credit card machines attach the pens on the right. And the cord is never long enough to reach around to the other side.

8. The number pad is always on the right side of a computer keyboard. So you have to learn to use it with your wrong hand, or reach all the way across your body to do it the way that's comfortable to you.